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What's Included

Engineered To Be Better

  • Wall panels are insulated R-13.5, heavy duty utilizing 24 ga. galvanized steel exterior and interior
  • Roof panel is insulated R-18 and one-piece leak proof design
  • Floor is durable diamond plate steel, powder coated, insulated, liftable from all sides
  • Fixed and sliding windows are insulated double pane glass (optional)
  • Full width or wider windows up to 6 feet wide, and 4 feet tall for greater visibility (optional)
  • Doors are heavy duty steel, powder coated, and include a weather chain and weather angle (optional)
  • Powder coated wall and roof components for durability
  • Optional powder coated wall panels
  • Roof Panel

    Roof Panel 4-inch thick consisting of two sides of white FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), laminated to an EPS insulated core. The best roof in the industry.

    • Insulated to R-18
    • Corrosion resistant FRP
    • Leak proof one piece design

    Note: All trim components are powder coated to match the walls.

  • Wall Panels

    Wall Panels 3-inch thick consisting of two sides of 24 gauge white galvanized steel, painted with a baked-on acrylic enamel paint, laminated to an EPS insulated core. The highest quality wall panels in the industry.

    • Insulated to R-13.5
    • Corrosion resistant galvanizing
    • Heavy duty and durable 24 gauge steel

    Note: All trim components are powder coated to match the walls. Powder coated wall panels are optional.

  • Base and Floor

    Heavy duty all steel base and insulated floor system. Fully welded design, 6 inches high, forkliftable from all sides, rugged diamond plate steel floor. Features anchor tabs welded to the 4 corners. The most durable floor system in the industry. NEW: Now finished on all sides, including the bottom with a long lasting durable powder coat finish.

    • Fork pockets on all 4 sides for portability
    • Galvanized perimeter steel G-Section
    • Heavy duty non-skid diamond plate floor
    • Insulated
    • Powder Coat Finish on all sides

  • Custom Configuration & Approval Drawings

    The building includes your customized configuration, you decide where you want to place your selected options: ie doors, windows, outlets and AC. Approval Drawings are provided for you to review before we process your order.

    We will call you after you place an order to confirm your requirements.

  • Flexible Option Selection

    A National Partitions online store exclusive: Configure your building with exactly the options you want. You select items such as windows, doors, HVAC, and electrical in the quantity of your choice.

  • Factory Assembly & *Delivery

    This unit is shipped fully assembled from our factory.

    *NOTE: Delivery is not included or optioned for factory assembled units and must be quoted separately. Please call us at 800-378-2350.

  • Weather Sealed

    Fully weather sealed exterior building. All seams and joints are sealed with a silicone caulking.

    Doors fully gasketed and include weather chains and weather angle above the jamb.

    Windows (fixed and sliding) are high quality Pella brand, factory sealed and properly gasketed.

Technical Details

Item Forkliftable Exterior Guard Building
Condition New
Type Assembled Exterior Building
Depth 8-1/2 ft. nominal OD, 8 ft. nominal ID
Width 12-1/2 ft. nominal OD, 12 ft. nominal ID
Height 8-1/2 ft. nominal OD, 90 in. nominal ID
Color White
Trim color White
Wall and Roof Thickness Walls: 3 inches thick, Roof: 4 inches thick
Wall Panel Material 24 ga. galvanized and painted steel on two sides, laminated to a 3-inch thick thermal insulated EPS core
Roof-Ceiling Panel Material One-Piece leak proof design, FRP on two sides, laminated to a 4-inch thick thermal insulated EPS core
Roof Overhang 1-inch nominal on all sides (larger overhangs are available)
Forkliftable Floor Base Insulated welded steel base features a rugged steel diamond plate floor. Building can be lifted from the front or back.
Insulation R-13.5 walls, R-18 roof
Fire Rating Class A
Fire Test Standards ASTM 84
Doors Optional
Windows Optional
Lights Optional
Outlets Optional
AC Outlet Optional
Breaker Panel Optional

You Provide

  • An Electrician (for power and breaker panel hookup)
  • Unloading on arrival (forklift required)
  • Anchors for existing concrete pad
  • Installation of air conditioners
  • Final weather sealing if required
  • All optional items not purchased

Not Included

  • Customizing or resizing of any components
  • Taxes (we only charge sales tax in TN)
  • Permits or fees
  • Engineering services, sealed drawings, or calculations
  • Seismic zone consideration
  • Forkliftable base finish or floor finish, other than prime first coat or galvanized
  • Anchoring to your existing concrete slab
  • Windows, HVAC, Electrical and Delivery are all optional and not included items
  • All air conditioners are shipped uninstalled
  • Items not included can be added as required

Store Questions? Call: 800-996-7266

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