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What's Included

Engineered To Be Better

  • Sound Deadening Walls STC 35 (better noise reduction than other brands - STC 35 glass upgrade available).
  • Fire rated to Class A+ 40 minute thermal barrier (nearly 3x better thermal resistance than other brands).
  • EXCLUSIVE: DiamonCoat Durable 8 Mil Beige vinyl wall finish (33-100% thicker than other brands).
  • Easily cleanable smooth wall finishes so particulate does not get trapped in a coarse surface (like it does with our rivals products)
  • 9 foot high walls for a higher preferred ceiling height (our rivals provide lower ceilings as their standard).
  • Stronger 3" thick wall panels, not flimsy thin walls and not bulky thick walls. 3" thick walls offer the optimum thickness for strength and performance, without adding unnecessary core thickness costs.
  • Non-progressive interchangeable component design. Easily change your configuration to move door, window or solid wall panels, and electrical without disturbing adjacent wall panels. All components are consistently sized to provide maximum flexibility; that's something most of our rivals can't say.
  • Build for Change. You don’t just purchase an office from us, you purchase a system. A system you can add to for a larger office, reconfigure, convert to multi levels, take down and move; the possibilities are endless.
  • NEW EXCLUSIVE: TougRock-FireGuard Moisture-Resistant Type X Gypsum
  • Pre-Wired Modular Electrics

    All electrical items are pre-wired with WirePak Modular Wiring. This package is a complete UL listed heavy duty industrial modular snap together system.

    This is not like our rivals partially wired outlets with pig tails that require an electrician and extra components to finish the wiring. There is a big difference; theirs is not modular and will cost more in the end, especially if the office is relocated.

    An ELECTRICIAN IS ONLY REQUIRED (not provided) to bring power to the breaker panel and make all connections at the breaker panel.

    Wired Electrical Items: 2’x4' LED light fixture(s), switch, duplex outlets, and AC outlet.

    Not Wired: Breaker Panel

  • Steel Door

    MaxDoor, Heavy Duty Steel Door 40"x84" w/ 1/4" tempered glass, galvanealed: 20ga Door w/16ga Jamb, TextureCoat™ Powder Coat Finish, TiteSeal™ Gasketed Jamb, ADA compliant commercial quality hinges and lever lockset. Hinge and swing as requested in design phase. Solid door w/o glass available on request.

    Comparison Tip: Watch out for cheap hollow core wood-type doors. These light-duty doors will not last and won't stop noise effectively.

  • Factory Assembly & *Delivery

    This unit is shipped fully assembled from our factory.

    *NOTE: Delivery is not included or optioned for factory assembled units and must be quoted separately. Please call us at 800-378-2350.

  • Forkliftable Steel Floor

    Fully welded forkliftable steel base with diamond plate steel floor. Forklift pockets on all 4 sides. This is a heavy duty, 6" high steel base that is built to last. NEW: Now finished on all sides, including the bottom with a long lasting durable powder coat finish.

    • Fork pockets on all 4 sides for portability
    • Galvanized perimeter steel G-Section
    • Heavy duty non-skid diamond plate floor
    • Powder Coat Finish on all sides

  • Custom Configuration & Approval Drawings

    The building includes your customized configuration, you decide where you want to place your selected options: ie doors, windows, outlets and AC. Approval Drawings are provided for you to review before we process your order.

    We will call you after you place an order to confirm your requirements.

  • Steel Roof Deck

    A corrugated steel roof is provided with closure gaskets to seal out noise and dust. This B-Deck is minimum 22 ga. to meet no-load roof requirements and is typically galvanized or primer painted gray. Optional mezzanine storage roof loads are available.

    NOTE: 2-wall and 3-Wall structures assume that your existing walls can be attached to, and can handle the applied loads from our roof. If this is not the case, please contact us for perimeter support steel options.

  • Acoustical Drop Ceiling

    All components necessary for a complete suspended acoustical drop ceiling with 2x4 mineral tiles and grid is provided.

  • Modular Walls

    Completely modular and interchangeable solid wall panels with all connecting hardware. Nominal 4' wide (or 2' as needed) x 3 inches thick, 9' high (for better ceiling heights), All metal components are painted to match the walls.

    NOTE: Wall panels utilize a base track that anchors to your existing concrete floor.

    EXCLUSIVES: Diamond Coat 8 Mil vinyl wall finish, and ToughRock-FireGuard Moisture-Resistant type X Gypsum on both sides.

Technical Details

Item InPlant Portable Office
Condition New
Type Assembled 4-wall Interior use office
Wall Thickness and Width 3 inches thick, nominal 4 ft wide (or 2 ft as required)
Depth 12-1/2 ft. nominal
Width 7-1/2 ft. nominal
Height 8 ft. nominal
Lights 1
Outlets 2
AC Outlet 1
Breaker Panel 1
Panel Material Vinyl Covered 5/8" type "X" gypsum on two sides, laminated to a thermal insulated EPS core
Color Beige (8 mil thick)
Frame Color Beige
Insulation R-8
Sound Transmission Coefficient STC35
Fire Rating Class A+ Non-Combustible 40 minute thermal barrier
Fire Test Standards ASTM E84
Door w/glass Heavy duty steel 40" x 84" , with ADA lever lockset
Windows Optional
Roof and Ceiling Panel Vinyl Covered 5/8" type "X" gypsum on two sides, laminated to a thermal insulated board
Forkliftable Floor Base Welded steel base features a rugged steel diamond plate floor. Office can be lifted from the front or back.
Hardware All connecting hardware to make a complete office

You Provide

  • An Electrician (for power and breaker panel hookup)
  • Delivery, if not purchased. Shipments can be sent by LTL common carrier; which is usually required for longer distances.
  • All optional items not purchased.

Not Included

  • Customizing or resizing of any components
  • Taxes (we only charge sales tax in TN)
  • Permits or fees
  • Engineering services, sealed drawings, or calculations.
  • Seismic zone consideration
  • Structural steel finish, other than prime first coat
  • Windows, HVAC, and Delivery are all optional and not included items.
  • Items not included can be added as required.

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Wow, that was quick! Thank you! I’ll be sure to send all of the projects with similar offices to you to price.

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