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Oversee operations in your warehouse with help from our prefabricated vision tower prefab office systems. We can customize these offices to meet any industrial demand. They can also be installed very quickly. These office systems can fit in almost any part of your warehouse. If you decide later that the office should go in a different area, you will be able to easily redesign and move it. Our prefab offices with mezzanine systems allow you to modify them exactly how you see fit.


National Partitions Modular Design

Prefab Office Information

Design tip

Why not maximize your floor space by building over processes, inventory, or even existing offices?


Our warehouse mezzanine offices offer a versatile solution for your warehouse needs. They provide ample space for various purposes, such as accommodating executive offices, engineering control centers, and employee workstations while ensuring maximum efficiency, comfort, and safety.

What’s Included?

Our top-of-the-line prefab mezzanine office systems are engineered with durability and functionality. National Partition aims to create office systems with customizable doors, windows, and walkway options that offer flexibility and adaptability for your changing business needs.

In addition to providing customizable options, our prefab mezzanine office systems are also designed with universal components, ensuring that they can be easily integrated into any workspace. These components include sturdy steel frames and panels that can be arranged in various configurations, providing a versatile solution for any office layout.

Simple Redesign

Layout changes in the office? No problem. Universal components allow for flexibility and simple redesign, reconfiguration and relocation.

Modular walls can be customized with a variety of colors and textures, and optional steel facings and continuously-supported substrates offer superior strength and durability.

National’s superior manufacturing and materials make it easy to design for specific industrial requirements and meet restrictive sound, fire and insulation conditions.

National Partitions Structural Design

Prefab Offices Engineered To Be Better

  • 5/8" type "X" gypsum on both sides of the wall panels. This provides superior strength, fire, and noise protection
  • Structural steel columns designed with safer anchored and bolted connections for roof beams
  • End wall steel supports for two story and storage roof designs
  • No exposed steel roof support beams like our rivals have
  • WirePak: modular wiring system for lights, switches, and outlets (not partially wired like our rivals)
  • The Gripper: patented steel wall connection that tightly seals out noise, dust, and temperatures
  • Full 3" or thicker walls (no flimsy thin walls)
  • Galvanized steel wall components finished with baked-on acrylic enamel paint

Our prefabricated vision tower mezzanine systems are made from quality materials and offer unparalleled performance. All of the universal pieces allow you to sculpt your prefab office in the way that you want. The steel design shown here is for structures with two stories as well as storage roofs.

National Partitions Best Design Differences

Differences That Matter For Your Prefab Office

  • Diamond Coat: 8 Mil vinyl wall finish that's durable and maintenance free (33-100% thicker than our rivals)
  • Easily cleanable smooth wall finishes so particulate does not get trapped in a coarse surface (like it does with our rivals products)
  • ToughWall: great value option, 24 gauge galvanized steel wall facing, finished with baked-on acrylic enamel paint
  • 9' standard wall height, provides a more comfortable work area with higher ceilings. (other heights avail.)
  • MaxDoor: heavy duty and larger steel doors, 40"x 84", with a thicker 16 gage gasket sealed jamb
  • MaxLite: taller standard windows at 48" for maximum light and visibility
  • Matching wall components for a more attractive appearance (no zebra stripes)
  • Shipment from stock. We stock our most popular, 9' high beige walls for faster lead times
  • Delivery and Installation with our truck and factory trained employees

Wow, that was quick! Thank you! I’ll be sure to send all of the projects with similar prefab offices to you to price.

— Wayne G, Senior Estimator

Design Options

1 Wall Type

  • LEEDwall

    The leader in economical and environmentally friendly wall designs. Features our exclusive 8 mil thick vinyl, laminated to 5/8" fire rated "X" sheet rock to create an attractive and maintenance free wall surface.

  • ToughWall

    24 gauge steel sheets laminated to 5/8" fire rated "X" sheet rock, to create a stronger more durable wall surface. Features our exclusive galvanized steel, finished with baked-on acrylic enamel paint.

  • Colors

    Need a custom color? Give us a call!

2 Core Type

  • Thermal core

    Thermal Core

    Superior strength & insulation over conventional steel studs.

  • 1hr core

    1-Hour Core

    Passes the ASTM E-119 1-hour fire safety rating.

  • Hush core

    Hush Core

    Perfect for noisy environments - sound deadening STC 45 or better.

3 Accessories

  • Windows

    1/4" tempered safety glass, and 48" high for increased light and visibility. Many types and sizes are available.

  • Doors

    Heavy duty, corrosion resistant 20 gauge steel doors and 16 gauge jambs, over-sized at 40" x 84". Includes a durable powder coat finish and heavy duty hardware. Many types and sizes are available.

  • Electrical

    Outlets, lights, and switches utilizing our modular snap together wiring system (WirePak) as our standard design. Many types and options are available.

More In-Plant Modular Office Types

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