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4 Benefits of a Modular Pharmaceutical Cleanroom

Robert Farrow | Oct 31, 2022

Medical facilities recognize the need for contaminant-free environments. The best way to undergo experiments is to operate in a cleanroom. And the best cleanrooms are modular ones. Read about the four benefits of a modular pharmaceutical cleanroom and consider purchasing this structure! Quick Installation The clear advantage of modular…

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National Partitions 168633 NEMA Enviornmental Ratings Blogbanner1

A Quick Guide to NEMA Environmental Enclosure Ratings

Robert Farrow | Oct 19, 2022

NEMA ensures that enclosures are suitable for environmental conditions. These ratings protect equipment from damage and people from injuries. Follow this quick guide to NEMA environmental enclosure ratings for beneficial information! Understanding NEMA Ratings The National Electrical Manufacturer Association, NEMA, is an organization that forms standards for the manufacturing…

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Modular Office vs. Mobile Office: What’s the Difference?

Robert Farrow | Oct 05, 2022

Modular and mobile structures add value to companies. They’re both functional spaces that adapt to your needs. However, they have distinct characteristics. Discover the differences between modular offices and mobile offices by following this article. Understanding Modular and Mobile Offices Modular offices are prefabricated structures that serve as short…

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Tips for Setting Up a Modular Office Workstation

Robert Farrow | Sep 22, 2022

Modular offices are convenient and customizable. That’s why businesses incorporate them inside their establishments. With planning and the right furniture, you can create the perfect workstation, too! If you need help, follow our tips for setting up a modular office workstation for more information. Draw an Office Layout Generally…

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3 Benefits of Growing Your Plants Indoors

Robert Farrow | Sep 13, 2022

There’s always a debate on indoor vs. outdoor growing. Though both have their pros and cons, indoor growing is the superior method. Check out these three benefits of growing your plants indoors for more information. Control Lighting and Hydration Plants grow differently depending on the time of year. Seasons…

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