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4 Most Common Applications for Environmental Enclosures

Robert Farrow | Jan 12, 2022

Environmental enclosures can maintain a specific environment for different industries. Whether you need product storage or lab testing, this type of enclosure is the way to go. You can control temperature, humidity, and many other factors. If you’re thinking about acquiring an enclosure, check out the four most common…

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3 Things To Remember When Designing a Prefab Office Layout

Robert Farrow | Jan 05, 2022

Creating your own office space gives you the opportunity to design a building for your specific needs. But that means you have to keep everything in consideration as you navigate the build. Here are three things to remember when designing a prefab office layout. Assign Functions to Areas When…

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3 Factors Driving the Popularity of Modular Buildings

Robert Farrow | Dec 08, 2021

Construction is an ever-evolving enterprise with new techniques and technologies emerging every year. Chief among these innovations is the rise of modular building practices. Explore these three factors driving the popularity of modular buildings. Drastically Improved Efficiency Late and over-budget—sadly, these words describe far too many construction projects, but…

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3 Tips for Creating Ideal Conditions in Your Grow Room

Robert Farrow | Nov 19, 2021

Agricultural practices are transitioning from the great outdoors to indoor facilities. With the advent of modern technologies and agricultural practices, indoor growing is successful as well as accessible. If you want to implement an indoor growing operation, you should think about the design and structure of your growing space…

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